Wanted Design Launch Pad 2016 May 9, 2016 19:15

We at Form & Forest are excited to announce our participation in the Wanted Design Launch Pad competition at the Terminal Stores in Manhattan, May 13 -16, 2016. 

For Launch Pad 2016, Form & Forest is introducing a series of hand crafted leather light fixtures notable for their gentle forms dictated by a strategic series of digital knife cuts in leather.  The length and spacing of each cut serves to both modulate the light and affect the final form of the fixtures.  

The Slice series includes a range of shapes, functionalities and configurations. Each piece is carefully crafted by Form & Forest in our design studio based in the heart of the Canadian Rockies in Golden BC. The full Slice range will soon be available on our online store after our return from the Wanted Design Launch Pad competition. 

Starting April 20th 2016, the public is invited to vote online for their favorite designer. During Wanted Design, a jury of professionals will review the projects and award the best one with the “Launch Pad Best of 2016” award. 

The public vote is open until noon Monday May 16th.

We would love your support please vote for us here