Missing Summer? February 5, 2009 13:54

As the days grow longer you might have a yearning to go climbing, kayaking, or kite boarding. Yet the rivers are still covered in ice, the trails deep in snow, and your favorite beach is made of snowbanks rather than sand dunes. You are going to have to pursue alternative measures. Here is a round up of our favorite summer activities re-invented for winter.

Snow Kayaking

Much like white water kayaking, just exchange the river for a mountain, the life jacket for the parka, the cold… well the cold stays. Find a steep slope with some deep powder and away you go. When in powder you actually can paddle and maneuver much like you can in the water. When you gain your confidence put your steep creaking skills to the test, find a cliff to huck off of, or if freestyle is more your speed find a jump and practice your cartwheels. The only draw back, it’s a lot of work to haul the boat up the hill in deep snow.

Snow Biking


There are a few ways to go about this particular sport. Our favorite is the Ktrak . This is a kit you can use to modify a mountain bike, take off the back wheel and exchange it with a track system much like a snowmobile. There is also the option of changing out the front wheel for a ski. This system allows you to go both uphill and downhill making your way easily through the winter trails. Bonus: Its a lot quieter and cleaner running than a two stroke snowmobile.

Ice Climbing:


For you rock jocks winter doesn’t mean you have to take your climbing to the sweaty confines of the indoor climbing wall. Simply exchange the rubber ballerina shoes for boots, crampons and an ice ax and head to the nearest frozen water fall. Gripping granite with your finger tips may feel different from swinging an ax into ice. Ascending steep vertical faces in defiance of the laws of gravity remain the same.

Snow Kiting

Kite boarding is a summer sport that is surging in popularity. The good news is you dont have to pack your foil up when winter hits. In fact cold air is denser than warm air meaning your kite will pack alot more power in less wind in the winter. Snow Kiting trades the water for ice or snow and can be done on either skis or a snowboard. Frozen lakes are the best as they offer wide open flat surfaces for smooth riding.