Most Design Sucks December 17, 2008 14:41

Most buildings work pretty well. They keep you dry and warm, but that’s where it stops. The spaces we inhabit on a day to day basis are primarily functional, boring and utilitarian. They don’t even try to make your life better, and that sucks.

Do the people who design this stuff care about what they are creating?

Great design stands out. It makes your life better. It makes you better at what you do. In short, great design makes you happy.

Form & Forest is in the process of designing a line of prefab cabin kits . It is our intention to create beautiful, livable spaces. More than this, we intend to create spaces that enhance your well being. Spaces that help you find a little happiness.

You may think the Form & Forest prefab cabin kits are beautiful. You may even find that they make you happier. If you do, that’s because they are designed for happiness.

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