Form and Forest is a boutique studio workshop run by a couple of brothers with an innate curiosity of the world around them. At Form and Forest we believe one of the overlooked causes of both happiness and misery is the quality of our environment. The walls, chairs, buildings, and streets that surround us have a profound effect on the way we think, feel, and act.

Some environments just feel good. The minute you walk through the door, you want to settle in and stay a while. You can’t help but curl up by the fireplace with a blanket and a good book. You want to throw a party, lounge on the deck, or have a conversation with a good friend in a cozy corner. It all comes down to the design, the design of the space, the design of the objects in the space, and the design of the objects that make up the space.

At Form and Forest our passion is design and our obsession is to wipe away the malaise of modernity in a pursuit of authenticity. We look to awake your senses through our beautifully designed product collections designed and produced in house and working with local artisan producers. We seek to combine the best of traditional techniques and materials melded with cutting edge technology and machinery to produce the alchemy of possibility.

We have also created modern cabin escapes from our cabin vacation rental collection in stunning natural environments with our comfortably designed and curated interiors. We have the perfect escapes to get you in touch.