Blue Bird Cafe

We were very fortunate to have been given the task of re-working the interior of a popular local coffee shop, the Bluebird Cafe.  The first order of duty was to design a menu system for specialty coffees and drinks.  We conceived, designed and produced a menu system that was equal parts menu display and product display that incorporated the cafe's branding and dry goods into a feature that spanned the whole back wall of the cafe.

The next stage involved a fixed menu board to replace a chalk board that was previously used for the food menu.  The design of this menu system reflected the aesthetic established with the earlier menu and shelving system.

The final intervention included a redesign of the tables and chairs including a set of stools for a laptop bar.  We developed a series of tables and chairs using high quality euro-core plywoods that could be produced on the CNC in our studio and easily laminated, finished and assembled.

The end result is a cohesive visual language that flows through the whole of the space from the chairs to the displays.