Slice Pendant Lights

For the past while we've been doing a lot of experimenting in the studio with leather.  Admittedly leather is a very traditional material comfortable in its place historically as a premium material for garments, accessories and footwear.  We decided to push this material further into unexpected places and form making.  The result of this process is the Slice series of light fixtures.  A flat pack light that ships easily, looks great and makes any room look great as well.

By slicing the leather we have been able to modify the physical characteristics of the material from a fairly dense material with little stretch to a more elastic material. The slices not only give the material an elastic quality which determines the shape the leather takes, they also serve to modulate the internal light source.  The result is a light fixture with an warm inner glow that casts light and shadows in rhythmic patterns.

The Slice series was chosen for exhibition within the Wanted Design Launchpad exhibit as part of the 2016 edition of NYCxDesign.